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Our unique formula of 20 clean, high-impact vitamins and minerals including vitamins D, C, B12, and omega 3.

60 capsules
30 day supply
Deeper sleep
More energy
Improved mood
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Algae oil



36% anthocyanins









Ascorbic acid



1 / 4
No fillers or colourants
No allergen ingredients
No contaminants
Gluten free

Bigger impact, better value

Quality nutrition isn’t cheap. To get everything in the Smart Supplement separately would cost £105 a month (with 14 pills a day). Same quality, in the same amounts and compounds, but more than £70 difference.

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Our scientific study

Ongoing research is essential to our mission. We mapped B vitamin levels among people who take Heights—at the beginning of the study, then again after 9 months. Surprising examples of our results are shown below.


deficiencies were corrected


deficiencies were corrected

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Frequently asked questions answered

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Customer review
steven fry headshot for testimonial
Stephen Fry
Hear Stephen Fry talk about his struggles with mental health and how to live with them.
Stephen Fry
Actor, Comedian, Writer, Thinker
Customer review

I hope I'm smart enough to know that excessive claims are silly, but I can certainly say that taking Heights has me feeling uncommonly fresh, perky, and lively in the mind. I'm a huge fan of it!

Watch our 3 min interview with Stephen Fry
Customer review
Dan & Steven Bartlett holding Heights bottle
Dan & Steven Bartlett holding Heights bottle
Listen to our cofounder, Dan, and Steven Bartlett talk about burnout and other mental health struggles.
Steven Bartlett
Businessman, Entrepreneur, Television personality
Customer review

I saw this on my Facebook feed and thought it was beautiful. I've been taking Heights ever since pre-launch. I love it.

Watch our full Diary of a CEO interview with Steven Bartlett
Customer review
Renee Elliot
Renee Elliot
Renee Heights customer video
Listen to Renée Elliott explain what sets Heights apart from other supplements.
Renée Elliott
Founder of Planet Organic
Customer review

One thing I know is high quality supplements, as I've been selecting only the best for our stores from the start. Heights is so good I've bought 5 subscriptions - my family are all fans and you should be too.

Watch our 2 min interview Renée Elliott

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myo holding the Smart Supplement
myo logo
"We need clarity and focus. By taking Heights each morning, it nourishes our brains."
Caitlin, Heights customer, holding the Smart Supplement
Caitlin avatar
"Heights contained all the supplements I was taking anyway, but with the added benefits of braincare."
Hadley, Heights customer, holding the Smart Supplement
Hadley avatar
"There's so much I want to do and a focused mind will be key to achieving it all. I'm grateful I came across Heights."
Grace Vella, Heights customer, holding the Smart Supplement
Grace Vella Profile Picture
"Good brain health allows me to make better decisions, remain focused and reduce my stress levels."
Jonnie Moore, Heights customer, holding the Smart Supplement
Jonnie Moore DP
"Heights has helped sustain my energy throughout the day, improved my focus, and, brightened up my skin."
Genevieve, Heights customer holding the Smart Supplement
Genevieve avatar
"‘Menopause brain’ is real—memory, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Heights was a ‘no-brainer’!"
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