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Why you need to join the braincare club

Join in conversations with world-leading science and wellness experts, authors and thinkers

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 Dan Murray-Serter
Dan Murray-Serter
February 17, 2021
2 min read

🧠Welcome to Braincare Club.

We are here to help you take care of the brain that takes care of you. 

We host conversations with world-leading science and wellness experts, authors and thinkers on Clubhouse, the new leading conversations platform.

We also host meditations every weekday on Clubhouse at 12.30 GMT and have a schedule of content designed to help you to thrive. 

Our club is the space to have future-thinking conversations on mental health & performance, sleep, science, spirituality and nutrition - every day of the week.

The aim of the group is to fill your mind with useful information on how to reach your heights, be productive, happy, fulfilled, and find a tribe of like minds seeking the same.

Be the first to know

🗓 Due to popular demand from our events we’ve created a public calendar so you never miss a braincare event.

Meet your Moderators 

  • Dan Murray-Serter: Co-Founder of Heights & Podcast pro

  • Sophie Medlin: Expert dietitian, & Head of Nutritional Research at Heights

  • Dr Tara Swart: Neuroscientist & Chief Science Officer at Heights

  • Adam Martin: Mindfulness and spirituality teacher

  • Dr James Doty: Neurosurgeon at Stanford University, best selling author and world leading expert on the science of compassion

  • Emma Bennett: Community manager at Heights

Follow the Braincare Podcast

🎙You can catch up on some of our best chats on “Braincare” podcast on any player. Every episode is under 15 minutes to give you bitesize expert content to nourish your neurons.

Brought to you by Heights, the braincare company. We create science-backed Smart Supplements designed to feed what your brain what it needs to thrive, alongside bitesize expert content to help you reach your Heights. 

Want to take your braincare routine to the next level? 

Try the Smart Supplement with discount code ‘clubhouse10’ for £10 off. 

🧠 We exist to help you take better care of the brain that cares for you.

✊ Invite your friends and learn with us!

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