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Why we made Biotic⁺

After nearly 3 years of dreaming, development, research, and sleepless nights, Biotic⁺ is finally ready.

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October 20, 2022
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Heights are on a mission to transform the way you feel every day through braincare—but braincare doesn’t start and end with the brain. Maintaining a healthy gut is vital for full body and mental well-being, too. 

But that needs a good probiotic, to make sure your microbiome is in the best shape possible. And when we looked at what was available, well, there wasn’t much to get excited about.

So we developed Biotic⁺, the first ever probiotic aimed at the gut-brain axis. 

Joel’s story

Our co-founder Joel has experienced gut-health problems throughout his life, and when they came to a head, they stopped him going about his everyday routines. So when he saw a gastroenterologist, and they explained the link between gut health, and mental health, it was a lightbulb moment. 

And when it became clear that there was nothing on the market that took this gut-brain axis into account, he decided to do something about it, and apply the Heights approach to a probiotic, supporting gut health as part of a broader system, a system balanced between gut and brain.

Why gut health matters

Your gut microbiome is an entire ecosystem that impacts every part of your body—500 species, 2 million genes, and 400 trillion microbes working together. From digestion to bloating, to energy, and even immune health, a thriving microbiome supports your whole body’s well-being from within.

But at the same time, poor gut health can have an effect far beyond digestion. If you haven’t suffered from it, it’s hard to imagine how much of a problem it can be, but, as our co-founder Joel found out, poor gut health can stop you from making the most of life. 

By helping to improve gut health, we can help people overcome barriers, and give them the opportunity to do more of what they want.

Over the last three years, we worked closely with Dr Tara Swart, our Chief Science Officer, and Sophie Medlin, our resident dietitian and braincare specialist, to create the best probiotic on the market. Because if we aren’t producing the best, then what’s the point?

We’ve brought together seven of the most-highly documented probiotic strains in the world, backed by over 380 clinical studies, in a combination that has never been offered before. Strains that have been proven to support your gut health, your mental health, and your immune health.

We’re also conducting third-party in vitro studies to demonstrate probiotic survival rates in the large intestine—where the microorganisms can make an impact—and human microbiome studies, to test Biotic⁺’s ability to support the production of key metabolites. Scientific progress never stops, and neither do we.

The effect of the gut-brain axis

The gut-brain axis is the symbiotic relationship between the gut and the brain—the two are intrinsically linked, and the happiness of one is dependent on the other. If your brain is feeling under the weather, this will have an effect on the gut, and vice versa. Just think of the ‘butterflies’ feeling, that’s your brain and your gut talking to each other. 

Biotic⁺ is the first and only probiotic on the market designed to target the gut-brain axis, as well as your broader gut health. Your gut contains 500 million neurons, and produces 95% of your serotonin—one of the key neurotransmitters associated with mood. So as well as playing a critical role in your gut health, a healthy microbiome supports normal mood, feeling calm, brain fog, and mental health.

Biotic⁺ supports your gut flora to help nourish your brain, promoting physical and mental health, now and in the future.

It’s what’s inside

Biotic⁺ contains seven of the world’s most clinically researched strains of probiotics (as well as some zinc for good measure) to keep your microbiome happy and healthy. And our delayed-action technology and acid-resistant strains guarantee that the strains reach your large intestine, where they can have the biggest impact.

It was also important that Biotic⁺ was accessible for as many people as possible. So we made it vegan, and free from GMO, soy, dairy, and gluten. It’s suitable for both halal and kosher diets, and you don’t need to keep the capsules in the fridge. So you can take them wherever and whenever—at home, at the office, or on the go.

Two and a half years in development, but decades in the making. Bring gut health and brain health together, with Biotic⁺.

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