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Braincare for businesses: A new way to invest in your team

With Heights for Teams, leaders can put their team’s well-being first. These eight companies have been leading the pack.

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Joel Freeman
Joel Freeman
May 11, 2021
6 min read

People. They’re what sets a company apart. For a small business, they’re the largest, and most important, investment. You probably spend a fair amount of time and money on team-building, on training, on morale, and rightly so. The well-being of a team is fundamental to getting the best out of them. 

But how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? Is a fancy coffee machine going to boost productivity, or leave your team a pile of jittery, over-caffeinated wrecks? We shouldn’t be shy in asking for something better. It’s time to get smarter.

The Smart Supplement

Your brain is your most important organ. And yet, when was the last time you thought about it? If we aren’t taking care of our brains, we’re leaving potential untapped. 

The Smart Supplement looks to solve that problem. Not in a Bradley Cooper, Limitless way, but in a natural, sustainable, long-term way. 99% of adults in the UK don’t get the nutrition their brains and bodies need to thrive. That’s a huge oversight, and a huge opportunity. 

But getting the right combination of vitamins and minerals, in the right quantities, is no mean feat. Factor in the pace of working at a small business, and it feels almost impossible. 20 essential nutrients, including omega 3, a complete B-complex, and vitamin D, in two capsules a day, suddenly seems like a great idea. 

Employees who take the Smart Supplement report feeling sharper, more energised, and with clearer minds than they did before. Like coffee, but without the afternoon crashes. Or the queue at that fancy machine.

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The Magnificent Eight

We launched the Smart Supplement over a year ago, and while we initially aimed it at individuals, more and more early customers have been looking to sign their entire teams up. Here are some of the pioneering companies that are putting their employees, and their brains, first.

Heights for team - Three Vitals⁺s and multiple Heights customers

1. Stakester

Stakester is a London-based software company that believes strongly in the power of community, and reward, in gaming. 

Tom Fairey, Founder/CEO:

I’ll be honest, I was sceptical about supplements. Turns out, my scepticism was completely unfounded. Within a month I was getting an hour extra sleep a night. No exaggeration. I was so impressed that I decided to buy it for everyone in my company, Stakester. The feedback has been impressive and people are sleeping better, more focused and have noticeably better energy levels. It’s been a massive win. I cannot recommend this enough.

2. Planes Studio

An East London digital studio, with a global clientele, Planes Studio is making waves in the product design sphere. 

CJ Daniel-Nield, CEO/CO-founder:

We are in the thinking business, and have some of the best product brains in the industry working on our team. Not only does heights keep these brains in shape, it helps us stay lively, sharp and tell good jokes

3. Fair HQ

Committed to improving diversity and inclusion across the world, Fair HQ is an easy company to get behind. 

Kate, CEO/Founder:

Running a company can be very stressful, especially during a pandemic, but since I started taking heights (over 1 year ago) I can feel that the stress has been so much more manageable, no brain fog and I can work the hours I need over a long period of time. I love heights so much that I bought it for my executive team too. 

4. Helloself

Helloself provides access to some of the top clinical therapists in the UK. This is an area we care a lot about, and we love what they’re doing in the mental health world. 

Charles Wells, CEO/Founder:

At HelloSelf we want to help make Your Self Better, Every Self Better... and that includes our people. We hire brilliant minds to solve big problems and make great choices. Brain Health is what we do so nutrition and Heights was a noBrainer.

5. Picnic

Picnic is an amazing new group chat app that is purpose built for close friends

Jack Rogers, CEO/Founder:

At Picnic we're always striving to be forward thinking in what we do - and that includes the employment perks that we offer. Having taken Heights for the past year and noticed improvements in my sleep, focus during the day and overall energy levels it was a no brainer to offer the team a subscription too!

6. Juno

A company that knows a thing or two about looking after employees, Juno provides workplace health and well-being programmes to other employers. So we’re pretty thrilled they’ve got a subscription to Heights for Teams. 

Ally, Founder/CEO:

We love Heights. Naturally, we care a lot about our team and ensuring that every individual has the chance to work best. What I like about Heights is that the team can nurture their brain health, read the helpful guidance, and avoid the stress and brain fog that so often affects work in a high-intensity startup!

7. Blueprint

 Blueprint is an eCommerce Retention CRM for scaling DTC brands. 

Harvey Hodd, Founder/CEO:

We wanted to offer Heights to our team because we believe taking care of your brain should be right up there alongside things like gym memberships or food subscriptions as perks when working at Blueprint. We also asked our team what perks would they benefit most from and Heights came out on top as a number were already customers!

8. Streetbees

The world’s first human intelligence platform. Capturing real life moments at scale in peoples’ own words

Oli May, Founder:

We love the mission of focussing on brain health from the inside out as well as Height’s commitment to investing in the best quality ingredients.

Sign up to Heights for Teams

Heights for Teams gives every participating member a full subscription to the Smart Supplement, delivered monthly, for £27.50+VAT each. There’s no need for every member of your team to join, just those who want to. But believe us, they’ll all want to.

If you’d like to subscribe, or if you have any questions, drop us a line at We’ll get straight back to you.

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